Basic Prosecution Office in Raška

Overall opennes score:35.00
Open data score:0.00
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 0 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 0 2
3 Are the organogram, scope of work and resumes published on the website? 0 3
4 Is all the data, which according to the law should be on the notice board, also available on the website? 0 1
5 Are work programs and plans published on the website? 0 3
6 Are the annual reports published on the website? 0 3
7 Are current strategies published on the website? 0 1
8 Is the information on personnel including names and positions published? 0 2
9 Is the information on the names, salaries and contact of prosecutors published? 0 3
10 Does the prosecution office publish the lists of registers of the documents in their possession? 0 1
11 Is there a contact information for the responsible person for FOI in prosecution office? 0 1
12 Is there a training and guidance system established to enable court employees to assess records, datasets and other information assets for disclosure and to undertake their obligations under the RTI law? 0 1
13 Is there a notice board in the prosecution? 1 1
14 Is the interested public allowed free access to the prosecution premises? 1 1
15 Is there a monitoring conducted about media reporting on the work of the prosecution? 1 1
16 Are there reports on monitoring of the reports of the media on the work of the prosecution? 1 1
17 Is there Code of Ethics for prosecutors? 1 1
18 Is the Code of Ethics for prosecutors published? 0 1
19 Is the mechanism for the allocation of cases established? 1 1
20 Did the Prosecution Office send a report on its work for the past year to the competent authority? 1 1
21 Does the report of work include indicators of performance of the activity of prosecution office? (such as the number of resolved cases, number of gained verdicts…) 0 1
22 Does the annual report include information about disciplinary measures, complaints towards prosecutors? 0 1
23 Is there a mechanism for oversight of the work of Basic State Prosecution by competent authority? 1 1
24 When was the last time when the competent authority conducted oversight of the work of Basic State Prosecution Office? 1 1