Basic Court in Rozaje

Overall opennes score:81.79
Open data score:36.21
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 3 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 2 2
3 Are the organogram, scope of work and resumes published on the website? 3 3
4 Is all the data, which according to the law should be on the notice board, also available on the website? 1 1
5 Are work programs and plans published on the website? 3 3
6 Are the annual reports published on the website? 3 3
7 Are there current judiciary strategies on the website? 1 1
8 Is the information on personnel including names and positions of employees published? 2 2
9 Is the information on the names, salaries and contact of judges published? 1 3
10 Is a special press or public affairs office established? 0 1
11 Does the Court publish the lists of registers of the documents in their possession? 0 1
12 Is there a contact information for the responsible person for FOI in Court? 1 1
13 Is there a training and guidance system established to enable court employees to assess records, datasets and other information assets for disclosure and to undertake their obligations under the RTI law? 1 1
14 Is there a procedure regarding the usage of minority languages and scripts? 1 1
15 Is there the electronic database of the court verdicts? 1 1
16 Are mechanisms that provide information for vulnerable groups about their rights and adequate remedies (telephone hotlines, leaflets…) established? 1 1
17 Is there a public complaint mechanisms concerning the work of the judges and civil servants? 1 1
18 Are judicial proceedings conducted in public (with limited exceptions)? 1 1
19 Are judicial decisions (verdicts) published? 1 1
20 Is there a possibility on the courts website for citizens to access their case (to see, for example, at which stage the case is?) 0 1
21 Are rationales (reasons for decisions) within the verdicts published? 1 1
22 Are there records from the hearings published (with limited exceptions)? 0 1
23 Are people with reduced mobility enabled to access courtrooms? 1 1
24 Is the public always banned from cases against juveniles? 1 1
25 Are verdicts in cases against juveniles published on the website (anonymised)? 1 1
26 Is there Code of Ethics for judges? 1 1
27 Is the Code of Ethics for judges published? 1 1
28 Is there Code of Ethics for court personnel? 1 1
29 Does the Court have an obligation to send a report to its competent authority? 1 1
30 Is the report of the Court to the competent authority submitted on time? 0 1
31 Are cases assigned to judges through an impartial system that protects against “judge shopping”? 1 1
32 Are there published statistics on volumes of cases received, clearance rates, and duration of the pending cases – by court and by judge? 3 3
33 Are there safeguards against delay such as performance standards or normal times specified for various stages of judicial proceedings? 1 1