Bosnia and Herzegovina
State Regulatory Agency for Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safety of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Overall opennes score:45.81
Open data score:14.60
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 2 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 0 2
3 Are the organogram, scope of work and resumes published on the website? 1 3
4 Is the annual work programme published on the website? 1 3
5 Are the work reports published on the website? 3 3
6 Are the strategies published on the website? 1 1
7 Are the main acts that control the work of institutions (laws, regulations ...) published on the website? 1 1
8 Are the accessible laws and laws related to their responsibilities available on the department's website? 1 1
9 Is the information on personnel including names and positions of civil servants published? 0 2
10 Is the information on the names, salaries and contact of public officials published? 0 3
11 Are the public procurement plans published on the website? 0 1
12 Are the calls and decisions on public procurement procedures published on the website? 2 2
13 Are the contracts and annexes to public procurement procedures published on the website? 1 2
14 Are the budgets available on the website? 0 3
15 Does the website provide understandable and comprehensive information on the budget (tables and verbal explanations)? 0 1
16 Is Mid-Year Report on budget spending published? 1 1
17 Are the final accounts on budget spending presented on the website? 1 3
18 Does the Agency publish the lists of registers of the documents in their possession? 0 1
19 Is there a contact information for the responsible person in Agency? 0 1
20 Is there a training and guidance system established to enable public servants to assess records, datasets and other information assets for disclosure and to undertake their obligations under the FOI law? 1 1
21 Are there mechanisms for raising concerns, complaints and making appeals regarding the decisions or actions of the Agency? 0 1
22 Does the Agency have active FB or Twitter accounts? 0 2
23 Are the asset cards of officials made publicly available? 0 2
24 Did the administrative authorities send the latest quarterly financial report for the current year? 1 1
25 Did the administrative authorities send an annual financial report for the previous year within the legal deadline? 1 1
26 Did the administrative authorities send the report on their work to their competent authority (ministry, government) for the previous year? 1 1
27 Are there indicators of performance and impact of reform programs and plans? 0 1