Bosnia and Herzegovina
Government of Republic of Srpska

Overall opennes score:51.84
Open data score:19.21
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 3 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 2 2
3 Are the organogram, scope of work and resumes published on the website? 1 3
4 Are there a full text of the Rules of Procedure/Law on Government? 1 1
5 Is the Annual work programme published on the website? 3 3
6 Are the work reports published on the website? 0 3
7 Are the strategies published on the website? 1 1
8 Does the government website contain agendas of upcoming Government session? 3 3
9 Does the government website provide documents discussed in Government session? 0 3
10 Does the government website provide minutes from Government session? 0 3
11 Are press releases of Government session and information about press conferences following cabinet meetings published on the government website? 0 3
12 Are draft laws and regulations published on the website? 1 1
13 Is the information on personnel including names and positions of civil servants published? 0 2
14 Is the information on the names, salaries and contact of public officials published? 2 3
15 Are the public procurement plans published on the website? 1 1
16 Are the calls and decisions on public procurement procedures published on the website? 2 2
17 Are the contracts and annexes to public procurement procedures published on the website? 1 2
18 Are contracting information made available to the public on an online portal? 1 1
19 Do major procurements (>0.5% of GDP) require competitive bidding by law? 1 1
20 Is sole sourcing limited to specific, tightly defined conditions, such as when a supplier is the only source of a skill or technology? 1 1
21 Can unsuccessful bidders instigate an official review of procurement decisions? 0 1
22 Are companies convicted of bribery prohibited from participating in future procurement bids? 1 1
23 Can citizens access public procurement regulations?  1 1
24 Can citizens access the results of major public procurement bids? 1 1
25 Are the budgets available on the website? 3 3
26 Is Citizens Budget published? 0 1
27 Is Mid-Year Report on budget spending published? 0 1
28 Are the final accounts on budget spending presented on the website? 3 3
29 Does the website provide understandable and comprehensive information on the budget (tables and verbal explanations)? 1 1
30 Does the executive release to the public In-Year Reports on actual debt? 1 1
31 How developed is the legal basis for a transparent budgeting process - public participation in preparing the state budget, publication of the budget and publication of the final account? 0 3
32 Does the legislation determine a deadline for the cabinet to adopt a draft law on the state budget? 1 1
33 Has the draft law on budget been submitted to Parliament far enough in advance to allow Parliament to review it properly? (3 months prior to the start of the fiscal year) 0 1
34 Does the draft law on the budget or supporting budget documentation include costs that are differentiated by spending units, functional and economic classification? 1 1
35 Are there detailed information on the level and composition of public debt, debt servicing, and how the debt is being managed? 2 3
36 Is the right to free access to information regulated (FOI) by a special law? 1 1
37 Does the law prescribe the detailed content of the guide for FOI? 1 1
38 Does the Law prescribe that every authority must appoint a person who is responsible for acting on requests for access to information? 1 1
39 Are implementing institutions legally obliged to report on the implementation of the FOI regulations? 1 1
40 Does the FOI law provide proactive disclosure of information on the websites of institutions? 0 1
41 Does the FOI law clearly define the law-enforcing institution and its responsibilities? 1 1
42 Are requesters required to provide reasons for their requests? 1 1
43 Is there a reasonable maximum timelines for responding to requests? 2 2
44 Are the decisions of the independent oversight body binding? 0 1
45 Are public authorities required to create and update lists or registers of the documents in their possession, and to make these public? 0 1
46 Does the right of access apply to State owned enterprises (commercial entities that are owned or controlled by the State)? 1 1
47 Does the Government publish the lists of registers of the documents in their possession? 0 1
48 Is there a training and guidance system established to enable public servants to assess records, datasets and other information assets for disclosure and to undertake their obligations under the FOI law? 0 1
49 Is there a contact information for the responsible person in the Government? 1 1
50 Is there a legal act regulating the participation of citizens in policy-making? 0 1
51 Are public consultation mechanisms mandatory as a part of developing new draft? 0 1
52 Is there a mechanism how citizens and stakeholders can challenge decisions where the proper process has not been carried out? 0 1
53 Are there mechanisms for raising concerns, complaints and making appeals regarding the decisions or actions of the Government? 0 1
54 Does Government have a strategy or plan in order to develop civil servants’ capacities for social media use as a part of their official tasks? 1 1
55 Does the government have active FB or Twitter accounts? 0 2
56 Is there a Code of Ethics and is it published? 1 2
57 Does the Code of Ethics regulate issues on conflict of interest, use of state property, gifts and favors and political activity? 4 4
58 Are there clear mechanisms for implementing Code of Ethics? 0 1
59 Does the Code of Ethics define procedures to deal with violations of the Code? 0 1
60 Are lobbyist and lobbying activities regulated by the law? 0 1
61 Is the register of lobbyists mandatory? 0 1
62 Does an independent body manage the register of lobbyist? 0 1
63 Do assets card provide information on assets? 1 1
64 Do asset cards provide information on  income sources? 1 1
65 Do asset cards provide information on income amount? 1 1
66 Do the asset cards provide information on non-paid outside position? 1 1
67 Is there legal obligation for publishing the information on gifts? 0 1
68 Do the asset cards provide information on liabilities? 1 1
69 Are there administrative sanctions stipulated for providing false information? 0 1
70 Are there sanctions or fines stipulated for late filing? 1 1
71 Is there a procedure for storing the content of asset cards electronically? 0 1
72 Are the data in asset cards organized and structured? 1 1
73 Are the asset cards of public officials made publicly available? 1 2
74 Are there methods about the form of the ministry reports towards Government? 0 1
75 Does Rules of procedures/Law on Government specify the type of information that is required in the ministry reports? 0 1
76 Is there the procedure for reporting the achievements and shortcomings of policies by ministries towards Government? 0 1
77 Is there body within the Central Government Office for strategic planning of government policies? 0 1
78 Is the Central Government Office or body within Central Government Office conducting any ex post evaluation of the effectiveness of Government’s policies and programmes? 0 1
79 To what extent does the government assess the potential impacts of existing and prepared legal acts (regulatory impact assessments, RIA)? 0 3
80 Does the RIA process ensure participation, transparency and quality evaluation? 0 3
81 Is there an internal document that regulates monitoring and evaluating performance in the realization of programs and projects? 0 1
82 Does the core executive use indicators for monitoring the performance of policies and the impact of reform programs and plans? 0 1