Overall opennes score:60.49
Open data score:28.34
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 3 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 1 2
3 Are the organogram, scope of work and resumes published on the website? 2 3
4 Is there information on the structure and scope of the working bodies of the Parliament available on the website? 2 2
5 Is the Annual Work Programme published on the website? 1 3
6 Are the work reports published on the website? 3 3
7 Are the strategies published on the website? 1 1
8 Is there a text of the country’s Constitution? 1 1
9 Are there a full text of the Rules of Procedure or similar rule-setting documents? 1 1
10 Are the draft legislations adopted at the plenum published on the website? 3 3
11 Are the laws at the plenum published on the website? 3 3
12 Are amendments adopted at the plenum published on the website? 3 3
13 Is the agenda of the Parliament for the next session published on the website? 1 1
14 Is the information on personnel including names and positions of civil servants published? 2 2
15 Is the information on the names, salaries and contact of public officials published? 1 3
16 Is there an up-to-date list of all current members of parliament with publicly available biodata and photo; information about each member’s party affiliation; membership in parliamentary committees? 3 3
17 Is there contact information for each member of parliament? 1 1
18 Does the Parliament provide sufficient and regularly updated information on attendance of the MPs on plenary sessions? 0 3
19 Does the Parliament provide sufficient and regularly updated information on attendance of the MPs on committee sessions? 1 3
20 Are the voting records from plenary sessions of the Parliament published on the website? 1 3
21 Are there voting records of the committees published? 1 3
22 Does the Parliament perform audio or video transmission of plenary sessions? 1 3
23 Are the transcripts of the plenum published on the website? 1 3
24 Are the documentation of the committee sessions published on the website? 1 3
25 Does the Parliament perform audio or video broadcasts of its working bodies? 1 2
26 Are the public procurement plans published on the website? 0 1
27 Are the calls and decisions on public procurement procedures published on the website? 0 2
28 Are the contracts and annexes to public procurement procedures published on the website? 0 2
29 Do major procurements (>0.5% of GDP) require competitive bidding by law? 1 1
30 Is sole sourcing limited to specific, tightly defined conditions, such as when a supplier is the only source of a skill or technology? 0 1
31 Can unsuccessful bidders instigate an official review of procurement decisions? 1 1
32 Are companies convicted of bribery prohibited from participating in future procurement bids? 1 1
33 Can citizens access public procurement regulations?  1 1
34 Can citizens access the results of major public procurement bids? 1 1
35 How developed is the legal basis for a transparent budgeting process - public participation in preparing the state budget, publication of the budget and publication of the final account? 3 3
36 Are the budgets available on the website? 1 3
37 Is Citizens Budget published? 0 1
38 Is Mid-Year Report on budget spending published? 0 1
39 Are the final accounts on budget spending presented on the website? 0 3
40 Is the State Audit Office doing audit of the final accounts? 0 1
41 Does the Parliament conduct parliamentary debate on the audit report of the final account? 1 1
42 Does the website provide understandable and comprehensive information on the budget (tables and verbal explanations)? 1 1
43 Is there documentation from parliamentary bodies that review or approve the budget/public financing activities? 1 1
44 Does the draft law on the budget or supporting budget documentation include costs that are differentiated by spending units, functional and economic classification? 1 1
45 How many committee sessions discussed last Government budget proposal? 0 2
46 The percentage of adopted amendments on last Government budget proposal? 0 2
47 Have the parliament established the policies and procedures to govern its publications and relations? 0 1
48 Is the right to free access to information regulated (FOI) by a special law? 1 1
49 Does the law prescribe the detailed content of the guide for FOI? 1 1
50 Does the Law prescribe that every authority must appoint a person who is responsible for acting on requests for access to information? 1 1
51 Are implementing institutions legally obliged to report on the implementation of the FOI regulations? 1 1
52 Does the FOI law provide proactive disclosure of information on the websites of institutions and to what extent? 1 1
53 Does the FOI law clearly define the law-enforcing institution and its responsibilities? 1 1
54 Are reguesters required to provide reasons for their requests? 0 1
55 Is there a reasonable maximum timelines for responding to requests? 2 2
56 Is there an independent oversight body, or information commission that ensures compliance with right to information rules? 0 1
57 Are the decisions of the independent oversight body binding? 0 1
58 Are public authorities required to create and update lists or registers of the documents in their possession, and to make these public? 0 1
59 Does the right of access apply to State owned enterprises (commercial entities that are owned or controlled by the State)? 0 1
60 Does the Parliament publish the lists of registers of the documents in their possession? 0 1
61 Is there a contact information for the responsible person? 1 1
62 Is there a training and guidance system established to enable public servants to assess records, datasets and other information assets for disclosure and to undertake their obligations under the RTI law? 0 1
63 Are there rules of procedure that regulate how representatives of civil society and/or the interested public may participate in or follow the work of parliamentary committees?  1 1
64 How many times committees requested the public (external consultants, representatives of CSOs) to give comment on certain Law/Strategy/Declaration/or similar during the last calendar year? 0 2
65 Does the Parliament have the legal procedure that allows citizens and CSO to be engaged in parliamentary processes and decision-making? 1 1
66 Are there mechanisms to contact Parliament by email messages or email forms? 1 1
67 Are there mechanisms for obtaining public comment on draft legislation? 0 1
68 Is there a mechanism of e-petitions established? 0 1
69 Is there a communication policy/plan to promote e-petition mechanisms? 0 1
70 Does the parliament actively promote the e-petition mechanism on its website/social media? 0 1
71 Does the Parliament have active FB or Twitter accounts? 0 2
72 Is there information about access to the parliamentary building (such as visitors’ centres, guided tours, educational visits, visiting hours, access to plenary sessions and information services available to the public)? 1 1
73 Is there a Code of Ethics for MPs and is it published? 2 2
74 Does the Code of Ethics regulate issues on conflict of interest, use of state property, gifts and favours and political activity? 4 4
75 Does the Code of Ethics define procedures to deal with violations of the Code? 1 1
76 Are there mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of the Code of Ethics of MPs? 1 1
77 Are there procedures that defines that Parliament have to make public information on the final results of investigations into charges of unethical behavior? 0 1
78 Are lobbyist and lobbying activities regulated by the law? 0 1
79 Is the register of lobbyists mandatory? 0 1
80 Does an independent body manage the register of lobbyist? 0 1
81 Is there a procedure for storing the content of asset cards electronically? 1 1
82 Do assets card provide information on assets? 1 1
83 Do asset cards provide information on  income sources? 1 1
84 Do asset cards provide information on income amount? 1 1
85 Do the asset cards provide information on paid outside position? 1 1
86 Do the asset cards provide information on non-paid outside position? 1 1
87 Is there legal obligation for publishing the information on gifts? 1 1
88 Do the asset cards provide information on liabilities? 1 1
89 Are the data in asset cards organized and structured? 1 1
90 Are there administrative sanctions stipulated for providing false information? 1 1
91 Are there sanctions or fines stipulated for late filing? 1 1
92 Are the asset cards of MPs made publicly available? 2 2
93 To what extent does the parliament assess the potential impacts of existing and prepared legal acts (regulatory impact assessments, RIA)? 0 3
94 Does the RIA process ensure participation, transparency and quality evaluation? 0 3
95 Is there a parliamentary procedure for bringing representatives of core executive to the Parliament in order to answer on MPs' questions 0 1
96 Is there a procedure of conducting Motion of No Confidence? 1 1
97 Is there a procedure of considering an interpellation on the Government? 1 1
98 Is there a summary and status of oversight activities (hearings)? 0 1
99 Is there oversight documentation from 2 previous years? 1 2
100 To what extent is the audit office accountable to the parliament? 1 2
101 Is the minister obliged by law to attend parliamentary committee hearings upon a request? 1 1
102 Do the Committees have the right to consult and/or employ experts? 1 1
103 Does the Parliament review reports of independent bodies? 2 2